The Holy Cow Combo on Flipkart!

Now you can order all three HCE publications so far -- Ravanayan issues 1 and 2 PLUS Werehouse volume 1 on Flipkart in one big pack. Click here to head to the combo pack page and place your order. The full deal in Rs. 128/- only!
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Ravanayan certainly packs its punches, but also falls to a few in turn. It is an explorative start which will be adapting as it goes along. The comics series is attempting an ethic that hasn’t been done too frequently in India before – a fixed issue run, publicized hugely, real-time feedback and interaction, subaltern mythology. Many firsts. The time-honoured system of blessings are due to such an enterprise, so don’t be surprised if you see ViMoh and ViGo on one leg each, praying to the heavens. Click Read more [...]
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Comic Addicts root for Ravana!

After Bala from Nothern Song, Vijayendra has another demon’s story to tell. Looks like he will own this niche. A literal devil’s advocate. I liked the pace and manner in which the story was told. The twist in the initial part was unexpected. I knew of Valmiki’s past and yet was taken aback when the revelation was made. When you know something and yet the writer manages to catch you off guard, it can be safely said that you got a good story teller on your hands. Moving on to the art. Vivek Read more [...]
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And here we go again! You can now pre-order the second issue of Ravanayan through Flipkart here or by calling Dial-a-book at 9650-457-457. In the second chapter of our 10-issue epic, the young Ravana finally figures out what he wants to do with his life. Surprisingly, his choice is a noble one. Do NOT wait. Book your copy now.
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