Holy Cow Entertainment is a pioneering and unique publisher of comics in India. Our fierce commitment to art, quality entertainment and an unmatched drive to deliver this entertainment to fans on a regular basis sets us apart from the competition.

Comic books are a medium that lie at the roots of modern day entertainment like film, TV and animation. It takes a company that truly understands the art to flourish in today’s tough Indian market. At Holy Cow we like to think that we understand this medium better than most, which is why you will see our books such as “The Aghori” and “Ravanayan” on the best seller lists.  Our characters are new and fresh.They tell you contemporary stories and are completely Indian, which is why they strike such a strong connection with fans all across India.

The founder Vivek Goel understood what it meant to produce a quality comic book after starting his career as an inker at Raj Comics in 2006 and later ascending as a full time penciller with Level 10 Ent. He’s the only Indian comic book artist to ever draw covers for “Phantom – The Ghost who walks”. Driven by his commitment to excellence, Goel gained a huge following with his Ravanayan comic book series with which he started his Holy Cow Entertainment in 2011. His popularity continues to grow with his contribution to titles like The Aghori.

Holy Cow Entertainment now stands on the cusp of creating an integrated and shared HC-verse . HCE boasts work by top industry talents like Ram V,  Anirudh Singh, Ashwin Kalmane, Mukesh Singh, Gaurav Shrivastav, Sumit Kumar, Prasad Patnaik and Saumin Patel. Their work continues to make Holy Cow Entertainment The fastest growing comic book publisher in India.

Our books have more than 17 Comic Con Award nominations including best series of the year nomination for the year 2013 – 14 for “The Aghori” series and winner of Best colorist award for Ravanayan Finale – 2.