Ram Joseph, affectionately called Rajo by his friends, is the master of his fate. He is the lord of his own destiny. He is the self proclaimed Raja of Paharganj and he rules the narrow streets of Paharganj with his acid wit and street cunning. Or at least he used to until the day he saw something on these streets he could not explain.

Forced to question the reality of this world Rajo embarks on the greatest adventure of them all. An adventure beyond the limits of life and death. An adventure that will take him down to the depths of hell and make him soar up to the walls of heaven. Rajo knows he cannot go back to his previous blissful ignorance. He knows this because he is aware now, finally, of the great truth of this universe.

That our thoughts are not our own. That no one is the master of their own fate. Dive deep into a spectacular universe that exists beyond our own. A universe of spirits, angels and demons. Explore the afterlife like never before as you soar through the dark skies of Hell and find your way onto the stairway to Heaven. Danny Matthew’s dark night of the soul continues in Caster Issue #2 as he discovers his amazing new powers and tries to protect his soul from a demonic enemy straight from the pits of hell.