Spinning out of the pages of the national bestselling Aghori series, Holy Cow Entertainment proudly brings to life the story of Desh. But this is not the older, wiser Desh who stood up for justice alongside Vira. This is a young, brash, cocky Desh full of jaw-breaking, bone-snapping power! When Uncle Monty, his mentor, father figure, and a gangster so close to conquering Mumbai he can taste it, asks him to take a break from beating up competition in underground MMA rings to ride to UP and retrieve a briefcase, Desh is happy to oblige.

After the tumultuous events of Bitemarks Desh returns home to Uncle Monty, only to discover more chaos waiting for him. The MMA fighting, Asuran rage wielding gangster and his uncle were kings of Mumbai’s underworld just weeks ago but a mysterious group operating in the shadows has quickly become a serious threat to their hold over the city. When Desh brashly decides to take these unwelcome invaders down on his own once and for all, it nearly kills him and makes him realize they are far too powerful for him. He’s forced to disappear, distance himself from Uncle Monty and their gang, and just when all seems lost, a new friend makes himself known to Desh. He comes bearing gifts: the legend of a mythical weapon that might be the weapon he needs to turn the tide. The legend of Moonblade.